Optometric Residencies

Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry has 15 optometric residency positions in 11 programs:

Each residency program has a primarily clinical emphasis. Additional educational aspects of the programs include teaching, literature review, and research.

The Brooke Army Medical Center, Womack Army Medical Center and Optometric Management Education Programs are only open to U.S. Army optometrists. During the 12-month period of the program, each resident receives a salary. Some programs offer paid health, term life, and professional liability insurance. All residents attend the Anterior Segment Laser Certification and Surgical Procedures for the Optometric Physician courses. Several of the residencies offer extensive experience in ocular disease management, laser surgical procedures, optometric surgical procedures, fluorescein angiography, and other advanced clinical procedures. For more information about these programs, contact the director of residencies.